Freelance Author Services


I will spend up to 5 hours a week updating all social media sites.  Sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, GoodReads, MySpace, and LinkedIn.  I will set up accounts if needed.  I will post to the site at least once a day or schedule information to post.

I will spend up to 3 hours each week keeping your blog or website updated.  This includes posting new articles and submitting the article to top social media sites.

I will spend up to 1 hour each week generating and promoting your Facebook fan page, blog or website, and Twitter account.  I will increase the likes on your fan page and your Twitter following.

I will write all press releases and submit to all available free sites.  If interested press releases may be submitted to paid sites.  However, the price to submit to a paid site is an additional cost as this varies from site to site.

When on a VBT  (virtual book tour) I will stop by each sites making sure the post is up and available for readers.  I will promote the VBT and the post each day.

Help in promoting your book with a street team.  This includes organizing teams, creating banners, and finding top bloggers to host the team post.  This can be a week or month long event.  Minimum time spent for the event before starting 5 hours (to recruit bloggers).

I will manage all emails and reply unless it requires your direct attention.  All email accounts will be set up through Google Mail or mail.  Author will have access to this account along with all reply emails being BCC to the author if requested.

I will take care of any items that may need mailed through the US Post Office.  This will include having a tracking number on the package.  Cost of mailing the package will be submitted on the 1st for the previous month.

I will organize a special blog hop for you bi-monthly that will last from either 1 day up to 1 week.  This will include offering a prize to one or several winners.  Prizes may be several ebooks, eReaders, gift cards, gift basket with print books or other items, or book swag.  This event may have several authors involved.

Coordinate with author to have a Twitter or Facebook chat bi-monthly to connect with readers.

Create a monthly newsletter and send out each month.  Newsletter will have current author happenings, any contest, excerpts from blog post, guest post by bloggers or other authors.  The digital magazine will be set up through or whichever the author prefers.


Prices are $18 an hour.  I will use a stopwatch on the amount of time-spent working for you.  The time will be billed in 15-minute increments.


Additional services offered.  If prices are not stated, they are the standard $18 an hour.

Beta Reading at $1 per page for double spacing, $2 for single spacing pages.

Need help in researching facts for your book is $9.00 an hour.  I will provide links with the information requested in a Word document.

Looking to get your book into more public or school libraries?  I will email or make direct contact with librarians around the US promoting your book in digital and print versions.  Will help organize a children’s reading of your book in libraries within the area you live.  If you have time, I will arrange for you to read the book during that time.  If need I can be available during this at the authors expense (including paying for flight, hotel, transportation and food cost).   If the library or school is near my area I will look into providing a reading of the book.  Cost is by the hr with mileage included.  I will travel up to 75 miles from my home for this.  Additional miles or locations can be discussed.

Interested in having live book signing?  I will organize with Indie bookstores in your area for signing and book sales.  If need I can be available during this at the authors expense (including paying for flight, hotel, transportation and food cost).

Offer help in obtaining ISBN number.  I will work with Bowkers in getting you an ISBN number along with the barcode for your print book.  Price $160.  $125 covers the ISBN number, $25 covers the barcode with a fee $10.  Having an ISBN and barcode helps in selling your print book at indie stores and at B&N brick & mortar stores.

Need help in obtaining a copyright.  Electronic filing $35 with a $5 fee, Paper filing $65 with a $5 fee excluding postage.   Having your book copyrighted will save you the hassle of knowing that you own the rights and if pirated you can prosecute the person or company that has stolen your work.

I prefer to leave the guest post writing to the author.  However, if needed I can provide this if the subject is something I am knowledgeable about.