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Easter and #Bunnies — 6 Comments

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  2. Excellent entry. I have a former co-worker who kept bunnies as pets and was very active in the Humane Society’s rabbit rescue program. They are a lot of work, even though they are sweet creatures. Very much not a pet for children to care for, though.

  3. Thanks for bringing awareness to the issue! I had a friend who bought a bunny for her son and sadly, due to the harsh desert conditions, it did not survive. Hopefully, people will take something away from your wise words 🙂

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  5. I’ve never understood why people get animals as pets on holidays. Holidays come and go, but these animals need daily care. Thanks for Hosting at the Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday! I look forward to seeing you again next week!
    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    • People think it makes a great preset. And it does for someone who wants a pet but getting a pet for a child is not a great present. I spend twice as much in one week on rabbit food that I do every other week for dog food.
      Thanks for stopping by. I will be hitting all the other host after I get back from an out-of-town appointment.

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