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I, Kidney By Chris Six @TheChrisSixGrou — 14 Comments

    • Dear Lori, thanks for checking in–and sorry for such a late follow-up. (Next time I do this I promise not to catch any colds!) All the best for the holidays, and be well!

    • Glad to hear from you again, BN–but what makes the cover so good? Nobody (and nobunny) ever explains what they like about it! Have a Merry Christmas–hope Santa brings you a copy!

  1. @BCRenalAgency informs us that this post has been picked up in today’s issue of their Kidney News publication online. It’s an honor!

  2. A is for apple, round and red.
    B is for bunny, snug a-bed.
    C is for crash! D is for dash!
    E is for elsewhere, in a flash!

    –from The ABC Bunny by Wanda Gag

  3. Good Monday morning! Thanks, Suzie, for spotlighting I, Kidney in your blog–and I hope folks take some time from their holiday to-do lists to check us out…

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