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The Missing Planets by Hawk MacKinney — 9 Comments

  1. Bunny’s Review – thank you for hosting The MissingPlanets, Vol-II of The
    Cairns of Sainctuarie. It’s fun to blurr the polyglot of genre(s) and character-driven plots and tales of other worlds. Keeping more than a touch of romance in rough and ready conflicts. Vol-III is in the works.

    Hawk MacKinney

  2. I really liked the first paragraph of the blurb. The second and third ones confused me quite a bit though. I don’t do well with names that are a bit too similar. I had to use google to look up definitions for several words used in the excerpt. I am not sure if I feel less smart or happy that I learned new vocabulary.

    • SEAN – You’re NOT ‘less smart’. I found myself delving into libraries & web-searches in the polyglot between sci-fi & sci-fact & the polyglot of tongues…`specially across-the-pond English with its dialects and accents. Sci-fi can stretch our hopes for tomorrows…language is part of that. Today’s world of warp-drive research in the sci-fact quantum world stands side by side with sci-fi…sometimes indistinguishable. Speaking languages other than the twists & turns we first garbled and grunted is tricky. Grammatical barebones…North American English pays little attention to it, is complicated between the ears and to the ears…and beautiful. Many dead languages ain’t as dead as we think. Accents/dialects mix it up every day. Vowels are random; allowing one to wrap our tongues around consonants…can be determinants of gender or grammar-cases English has conveniently flopped together. The Missing Planets has a new vocabulary as did Bleikovat Event, both ancient in origin. I have to listen real hard to some of my blood-kin & I was raised among them. Great comment – thank U –

      Hawk MacKinney

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