***Updated Friday, February 12, 2016***

Please be aware that any review request accepted will be for late 2017 forward.

1. I am accepting review request on a book-by-book status. Requirements below but please keep reading to determine what I will and will not read.  Please do not send me a link to your book I will delete the email if all I receive is a link. Please do not send me your book before I state I will add the title to my reading list. Turnaround time for books is from 1 week – 3 months.  I will respond to all emails within 24 hours.

2. I do host blog tours. If you need a review on a specific date please let me know when contacting. For blog tour companies please use the Contact Me page to ask about hosting a blog tour.

3. I do not read anything about memoirs, LGBT, poetry, zombies, vampires. Sorry, they are not my thing. Everything I have read seems the same. Vampires are always out for the next neck to get their blood fix and zombies are just so overrated. There are a few shapeshifters books I will read Terry Spear is the main one. If it is along that line then I might read.

4. I will never read anything about drug or alcohol addiction. After living with someone who was addicted this is a horrible reminder of a time I would prefer to forget.

5. I do not enjoy poetry. Sorry.

6. For LGBT, the few I have read just did not interest me. I will read the story if it involves M/F/M. Please do not take this as me having anything against LGBT or their preferred sexual preference. It is not that, I just can’t get into the story. But and willing to try if you are willing to give me a chance. Maybe I have not found the right author or story line to pull me in. This will be on a case by case book.

7. This goes along with the drug/alcohol abuse. Nothing about rape or physical abuse I dealt with that during the drug and alcohol addiction. I do not want a reminder about being physically abused. While reading I get involved in books. Certain words or situations will be triggers to bring back something I do not want to relive.

8. I do not read memoirs. Sorry everyone has an interesting life and able to write something catchy but most memoirs deal with a specific part or tragic situation in life. This is not appealing to me.  The few memoirs I have tried were poorly written and dealt with someone abusing animals and children.

9. My preferred genre is historical romance set in 1820’s or before. I love reading about the crusades, medieval era in Europe. For books set in America, I love the Wild West up to anything before WWI started. I do read and enjoy contemporary romance but nothing set between WWI and 1980. I will read from 1980 to some futuristic.

10. I will read erotic books but not if they are set along the lines of 50 Shades of Grey with ‘oh my’ every other sentence. For erotic books think along the lines of Candace Blevins, Sylvia Day or Maya Banks.

11. Just because I stated preferred does not mean that is all I read. I read several different genres suspense, mystery, crime, some fantasy, sciencefiction, literary fiction, etc. I do read Christian fiction and some Christian nonfiction. The non-fiction Christian just depends on the subject.

12. I do enjoy some nonfiction (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Lost In Shangri-LA, The Price of Thirst). These are a few non-fictions I have really enjoyed.  I do not read self-help books. Sorry these are not helpful in any way for me and are just not interesting.

13. I am not fond of young adult books. Sorry, I have no desire to read about bitchy teenagers only interested in themselves or how they enjoy bullying others. Sorry, I am an adult I passed the teenage stage years ago and I have no desire to go back.

14. My extent of fantasy is Star Trek on the big screen only. Sorry, there will never be another Spock, Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk or Picard. If the description does not interest me I will not even try to read the book. Sorry. No Exceptions.

15. Please do not email me telling me your book is not in any of the above I do not read and it turns out it really is something I do not read. Nothing is worse for a reviewer than to promise a review and find out that the book is totally different than what the author stated in correspondence. I am not putting your work down but please remember not everyone will enjoy every book published. Look at the reviews for classics. You will see some love the book; some hate the book and some at meh.

16. I am willing to try most any book except what I stated above. I go by the 100 page or 25% rule. If I cannot make it to 100 pages or 25% then I will email telling you the book is not for me. I will not leave a review and that is it. I will offer to post an interview, promo or guest post by you, the author instead. While trying the book if I keep putting is down and cannot get to 100 pages or 25% then sorry I cannot offer you an honest / fair review. Forcing myself to read a book that is not for me is not worth the time to write the review. I hope you understand.

17. Please do not send me a review request for books that have not been professionally edited at least once. I do not enjoy stumbling over spelling/grammar mistakes. A professional should edit your book, not your neighbor, not your high school English teacher a professional editor. If you need a professional editor please contact me and I am happy to recommend a few people.

18. All reviews will be posted on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, and LibraryThing. I do not post to B&N. If you need the review posted somewhere else I need to know before accepting.

19. I prefer reading digital (.epub or .mobi only, no PDF) but I will accept a few print copies if that is all available.  Any book sent to me for review will not be shared with anyone except my bunnies. Hey, they enjoy reading chewing the books.

20. Please remember I am not a professional reviewer. I do not have an English degree. My reviews focus on my feelings after reading the book. Some reviews will be written directly after reading while some may take a few days to process everything. If this is not what you want in a review then I may not be the best person to leave a review for your book.  If you prefer a critiqued review with specific highlighted quotes, etc. I have a 2-month turnaround. Sorry but this takes me longer to write. Again this will be my feelings and thoughts about the book. Please let me know if this is what you prefer when emailing me.

21. I do not promise a 5-star review. I promise to give my honest opinion. Most books I usually rate at 4 stars/carrots. For a book to receive a 5 star/carrot rating it really needs to WOW me.

22. I do not accept payments for reviews. If you want to do something nice in exchange for my review feel free to donate to the House Rabbit Society or Max’s Hope Pet Rescue.

23. Please remember I offer reviews for free. This is a hobby for me because I enjoy reading. Do not be offended if your book is not for me.  Not everyone will enjoy your book.

24. If your book is in audio I will be able to review it faster. Please let me know if you have audio. I have more time to listen than sitting down reading a book.

25. I will not read a book starting in the middle of a series. Please do not ask me to read the first 2-20 books if you have a series. Sorry, I do not have time to read everything on my TBR list now.  I cannot add more books to this list.

26. If you ask for a review ASAP I apologize but that will not happen. I do not have time to drop everything and review your book because you are slow in requesting reviews. I put reviews on a list and work request in while reading my TBR list.

27. I do not enjoy starting a book and when I get to the end there is an open cliffhanger. If you are asking me to review this type of book I will automatically reduce the rating by one star. Sorry but I hate this. Either end with a proper closing or do not ask me for a review. I have been know to throw a paperback across the room over this.

Carrot tops and Parsley confetti

The Bunnies & Slave

Sorry for the form but I am tired of authors and tour companies adding me to a newsletter I do not want. Then all the stupid spam. Really if all you have to do is sent out spam mail then come see me on the farm. I can put you to work shoveling out stalls, hoeing a field, washing a tractor with a toothbrush. Yeah that is my clean opinion of people who add me to newsletters and send me spam.

(I state slave because when I move thru the house if they follow me into the kitchen I bow to them and give a treat. My bunnies have me wrapped around their little furry paw.  For my bunnies I go to the store 3 times a week to buy their food.)

Please be aware that any review request accepted will be for late 2017 forward.

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